Compulsory equipment

List of compulsory equipment (as for 20.02.2017):

  1. Water tank(s) minimum 750ml solo runners / 500ml for others
  2. Cup for cold/hot drinks served on checkpoint, Water tank with large inlet is ok as well
  3. Map of route provided by the organizer
  4. Fully charged cell phone with stored emergency and organizer’s numbers (from the map)
  5. GPS receiver with possibility to read current position (it can be a phone with navigation application or running watch with GPS)
  6. Clothes matching the weather conditions (most likely winter)
  7. Running/Cycling shoes (for running trail, the best)
  8. Reflective elements in front and back (suggested it a reflective vest, could be also reflective elements sewn in clothes)
  9. Headlamp/flashlight with full batteries
  10. Identity card / document
  11. Starting number affixed in a well visible place
  12. 40 PLN in cash

The compulsory equipment will be checked during verification in the competition’s office. Can be also checked on start, on route and on finish. Lack of any of the items (except cash after start) can result in impulsing time penalty or disqualification.

Headlamp/flashlight and reflective vest must be with the relay team from start till 8am and from 4pm till end of the race.

List of suggested equipment (as for 20.02.2017):

  1. Navigation device with stored map and route track, delivered by the organizer. It can be a GPS watch with navigation, smartphone with navigation map or dedicated GPS navigation device
  2. Wind/rain resistant jacket, gloves, cap or buff
  3. Spare batteries for headlamp/flashlight
  4. Compass
  5. Elastic bandage
  6. Small supply of food (for example some dried fruits or energy gels)
  7. Running backpack or waist pack
  8. Emergency Blanket
  9. Bicycle helmet (duathlon)

Trasa biegu

Trasa biegu

ITRA points for UTMB

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

103km: ITRA 3 points for UTMB
56km: ITRA 2 points for UTMB