1. Promotion of Zielona Góra as a runners-friendly city.
  2. Promotion of new recreational areas within new borders of Zielona Góra after joining with surrounding villages since Jan 1st, 2015.
  3. Popularization of running as a pleasant, healthy and environmentally friendly form of leisure.
  4. Popularization of running in natural conditions as well as ultra running distances – more than marathon.
  5. Popularization of cycling as a pleasant, healthy and environmentally friendly form of leisure.


  1. The organizer of the 4th Zielona Góra Ultramarathon Nowe Granice, hereinafter referred to as the competition”, is the association “Nowe Granice” (New Limits, New Borders).
  2. The person responsible for conducting the competition, the coordinator and the main initiator of it is Andrzej Dąbrowa.
  3. The website of the competition is available at
  4. Contact details of the organizer and the person responsible can be found on the Contact tab.


  1. The competition will take place on 24th February, 2018 in Zielona Góra. Start at 6:00 AM (both individuals and relays).
  2. The route runs along new borders of Zielona Góra, mostly by forest paths.
  3. The whole distance is about 103 km.
  4. The route will be marked with tapes in non-obvious places and on turns.
  5. The GPS track of the route will be available to download from the competition’s webpage.
  6. We recommend each competitor has a GPS device/application to navigate along the route, with the help of GPS track provided by the organizer.


  1. Participants can take place in the competition in one of 3 main categories and two duathlon categories (running and cycling):
    • Individually, i.e. one person running the whole distance
    • 2-person relay teams, i.e. 2 runners in a relay, changing during the competition (at any time during the competition, there must be at least one member of the relay team on route),
    • 4-person relay teams i.e. 4 runners in a relay, changing during the competition (at any time during the competition, there must be at least one member of the relay team on route),
    • Individual Duathloni.e. one person running and cycling the whole distance changing discipline on points specified by organizer,
    • Duatlon 2-person relay teamsi.e. two persons in a relay, changing during the competition (at any time during the competition, there must be at least one member of the relay team on route) changing discipline on points specified by organizer,
    • IMPORTANT NOTICE: it is up to relay team members to choose the place of changes (full freedom) and it’s up to them to move between places of change.
  2. The following points of changing discipline are specified for duathlon categories:
    • Start – PKD1 between Łochów/Jeleniów (~15km): Running
    • PKD1 (~15km) – PKD2 Przylep near airport (~88km): Cycling
    • PKD2 (~88km) – Meta (103km): Running
    • Change of discipline is allowed only in points PKD1 and PKD2
  3. The organizer does not provide bicycle service or transportation of bicycles for points of changing the disciplines,
  4. For individuals, there is a general men / women classification,
  5. All participants, who will finish the competition within time limit, will receive a commemorative medal. In case of relays, all members of a relay team will receive the medal, if at least one member of a relay team will finish the race within the time limit.
  6. Winners of individual men and women classification of running and duathlon (1st to 3rd place), winners team of 2-person relays (1st to 3rd place) and winners team of 4-person relays (1st to 3rd place) as well as winners team of 2-person duathlon relays (1st to 3rd place) will receive prizes from the organizer.


  1. Time measurement will be carried out electronically, with the aid of chips.
  2. During the race, all participants must have their start numbers affixed in a conspicuous place.
  3. There will be time checkpoints placed along the route.
  4. Time limits for individual participants and relays, starting at 6:00 AM, are:
    • Jarogniewice (ok. 23km trasy): 3h
    • Nowy Kisielin (ok 47km trasy): 6.5h
    • Stożne (ok 62 km trasy): 8.5h
    • Parking leśny kolo wsi Wysokie, (ok 80km trasy): 11h
    • Zielona Góra ul. Foluszowa (ok 98km trasy): 13:45h
    • Meta, Zielona Góra ul. Francuska (ok 103km trasy): 14:30h
  5. Additionally for duathlon categories the folling limits are defined:
    • PKD1 between Łochów/Jeleniów (15km): 2h
    • PKD2 near Przylep airport(88km): 7h
  6. Participants behind the time limit, are obliged to withdraw from the race and leave the route.


  1. Applications will be accepted through an application form, available on the website of the competition until February 11th, 2018 or until the limit of the participants will be reached, and in the competition’s office during its opening hours.
  2. In case of registering a relay team it is required to enter it’s name, the same for all team members.
  3. The organizer sets the limit of competitors to:
    • Individual running: 200 persons
    • 2 person relay: 40 relays
    • 4 person relay: 60 relays
    • Individual duatlon: 50 persons
    • Duatlon 2 person relay: 40 relays
    • 50 entries are locked for the organizer
    • The limits can change
  4. On-line applications will be closed at 23:59 on February 11th, 2018.
  5. Allowed to take part in the competition are only adults, i.e. at least 18 years old in the day of competition.
  6. All participants of the competition must be verified in the competition’s office, pass the equipment check and attend the pre-race briefing one day before the race , i.e. February 23th, 2018.
  7. The list of compulsory equipment will be available on the race website. The list is due to change (adjust to weather conditions), which will be announced by the organizer in a message or, the latest, at the pre-race briefing.


  1. Each participant pays the entry fee. The fee is:
    • until 22nd October, 2017 – 80 PLN,
    • between 23rd October and 30th November, 2017 r. – 100 PLN,
    • between 1st December 2017 and 11th February, 2018 r. – 120 PLN,
    • in the competition’s office – 150 PLN.
  2. Each participant may order a commemorative technical t-Shirt with the logo of the race. The price of t-Shirtis 50 PLN. Sum should be added to entry fee. For participants signed in after 31st of January 2018, we cannot guarantee availability of t-Shirt/Buff and medal.
  3. The entry fee shall be transferred to bank account:
    • Stowarzyszenie Nowe Granice
    • ul. Stanisława Moniuszki 18C/24
    • 65-409 Zielona Góra
    • mBank S.A
    • PL 16 1140 2004 0000 3002 7585 7890 BIC (SWIFT): BREXPLPWMBK
    • with notice “opłata startowa, <name and surname of participant>”
  4. Proof of the fact that registration fee was successfully received by the organizer is annotation about payment next to the name of a participant on the sign-in webpage.
  5. The organizer is not responsible for any loss of application, post or bank transfer, due to failure of post or bank.
  6. Once the fee is paid, it is not refundable nor transferable to other participant.
  7. The organizer will not refund the fee to participants, who will not finish the competition, or will not take part in the competition.


  1. Participants will receive a starter package, consisting of:
    • starting number and safety pins,
    • chip for time measurement,
    • a map with the route, information about time limits, refreshing points and contact numbers,
    • Buff with logo of the run
  2. NOTE! Full starter package is guaranteed ONLY for participants, which will sign-up on-line and pay the entry fee until 31st January, 2018.
  3. Refreshing points supplied with water will be placed on each time limit point.
  4. Refreshing points in Jarogniewice, Nowy Kisielin, Stożne, by the village Wysoka, Zielona Góra on Foluszowa street and on finish will be supplied with dried fruit, cakes and warm tea.
  5. Deposits:
    • Participants will have possibility to deposit their belongings in a specially marked place near start/finish
    • The organizer provide one repackaging point on the route for individual runners on Stożne (ca 62km) refreshing point.
    • People interested in deposit can receive a bag marked with starting number in the deposit point. Picking up of a deposit is possible only with starting number
    • In case of loss of the starting number, the organizer is not responsible for picking up deposit by other person
    • The organizer does not take responsibility for any valuables left in deposit
  6. Before and after the run, participants will have possibility to use changing rooms and showers, located in the sport hall of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 18 (Primary School number 18), located on Francuska street 10, Zielona Góra.
  7. The organizer provides emergency medical care on the route and in finish area. The emergency team will have an ambulance and a quad.
  8. The organizer requires the ability to provide current GPS position of a participant, in order to effectively direct the emergency team to the right place.
  9. It is required to have the telephone number of competition’s coordinator entered in cell phone. In case of request, the current GPS position should be sent via SMS to this number.
  10. Decisions of medical personnel and judges about the continuation of competition are final and irrevocable.
  11. The emergency and contact numbers will be announced in a pre-start message.


  1. The competition’s office will be placed in Zielona Góra, Francuska street 10, in the sport hall of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 18 (Primary School number 18).
  2. Information about how to reach the office will be placed on the competition’s webpage.
  3. The competition’s office will be open on Friday, 23th February 2018, opening hours 16:00-22:00.
  4. Participants will retrieve starter packages personally, on the basis of documentary proof of identity.
  5. It is not required to have a medical certificate. The participant in competition’s office will have to sign a declaration about good health and that she/he runs on her/his own responsibility.
  6. At 19:00 (7 PM) the compulsory briefing will take place. The organizer will discuss the route of the run and technical details. Place of the briefing will be announced in a message on the competition’s website.
  7. After the briefing, in competition’s office, verification of compulsory equipment will take place. Lack of any of the compulsory items will disqualify the participant from the competition. ONLY successful verification of compulsory equipment is the ultimate confirmation of participation in the event.
  8. The organizer will check the compulsory equipment also during the competition and on finish. In case of lack of any of compulsory items (except money, which can be spent on route) the organizer may disqualify the participant or impose a time penalty.


  1. It is allowed to use nordic-walking style poles.
  2. It is forbidden to shorten the route or covering it with other method than foot. In such cases the organizer may disqualify the competitor or impose a time penalty.
  3. It is forbidden to use bicycle outside of dedicated area for that discipline. In such cases the organizer may disqualify the competitor or impose a time penalty.
  4. In case of disqualification of one member of a relay team, the whole team is disqualified automatically.
  5. Participants have to follow Road Traffic Law while crossing or using the roads on route of the competition.
  6. From start of the race till 8am and from 4pm till end of the race participants must have reflective elements, visible from the front and back and headlamp
  7. Participant/relay team withdrawing from competition during it’s running is obliged to notify the organizer via phone about this fact. Keep in mind that if a participant will not show on the time control point and there will be no contact with her/him, the rescue operation will be launched.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the competition without giving any reasons.
  9. Participant taking part in the competition agrees to use her/his image in order to promote the competition and agrees for processing of personal data in an extent necessary to carry out the competition.
  10. All participants have to follow the rules.
  11. The competition is an event insured on general rules. Any individual insurance, in case of injury or other unfortunate event, which may happen during the run, needs to be covered separately by the participant.
  12. The final interpretation of the rules/regulations belongs exclusively to the organizer of the competition.

Trasa biegu

Trasa biegu

ITRA points for UTMB

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

103km: ITRA 3 points for UTMB
56km: ITRA 2 points for UTMB